Cleaning Services

Garden furniture cleaning

Some garden furniture will become weathered over the years leaving the appearance of them looking dull. Here at Hydro Dynamix (Kent) we have the right tools to bring your garden furniture back to life. Whether it’s wooden tables and chairs, benches or stone ornaments look no further, we can help clean your garden furniture.

Decking cleaning

Hydro Dynamix (Kent) understands that you have invested money into your decking to make your garden look amazing and you would also like to keep it that way. Over time decking will attract moss and algae along with other grease and dirt. We offer a cleaning solution to revive your decking to restore it but more importantly make it safe to walk on as moss and algae make the surface of decking slippery. We also offer wood sealing for that extra protection making it easier to clean.

Flood water removal

In the unfortunate event that your property may have suffered a loss due to a water leak or flood we can provide emergency response to cater for the removal of water. Our truck mounted machines can remove water at an extremely quick rate controlling the situation before it gets any worse.

We can also offer a range of drying techniques to dry out any materials in the property as we are fully trained with flood restoration.

Carpet cleaning

Hydro Dynamix (Kent) has over 10 years of professional carpet cleaning experience. We use the most powerful carpet cleaning system in the world and we are proud of the thorough cleaning service that we offer our customers.

Some other carpet cleaning companies use portable cleaning machines that they will bring into your house which can be awkward and time consuming. You simply don’t get the heat, power and suction, which can leave the carpets over wet causing disruption to your day-to-day life.

We use truck mounted systems that are proven to be the most effective way to clean your carpets. Our staff are fully trained with stain identification and how to treat them. We will move and replace your furniture taking care not to mark any carpet from furniture that may have wood stained feet. We can also offer our customers fibre protection.

We don’t use any harsh chemicals that may affect your carpet and can cater for adults/children that may suffer from allergies.

We currently have good relationships with letting agents and many other companies that trust our reliability and good workmanship to get the job done.

Upholstery cleaning

Couches, chairs and sofas are used by homeowners daily. Hydro Dynamix (Kent) understand this, and by using truck mounted technology can offer you a thorough upholstery clean for your home furniture with minimal drying times.

Pet owners especially may find a build-up of soils around the bottom of their couches sofas which may need extra attention after some time which we can cater for. Materials including natural fibre sofas along with leather and synthetic fibre sofas can all be cleaned by our upholstery cleaning system.

Hard floor cleaning

Its essential to keep your hard floors clean from grease and dirt especially in your kitchen around your cooking space as unwanted grease build up on the floor can become a dangerous slip hazard. With our hard floor deep cleaning methods we can clean and restore your flooring to their original look and safety.

With the hard floor cleaning equipment that we use we are able to pressure steam your hard floors whilst extracting dirt with minimum mess to give you the best possible clean you can get.

As well as hard floor cleaning, we also offer hard floor sealing for that extra protection which you can have in either a gloss or matt finish.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti can be problematic to your building which can diminish your property’s image. Hydro Dynamix (Kent) offer a solution that can remove graffiti from most surfaces. With over 10 years experience, we can identify the appropriate surface and substance to be removed.

Some methods that are used can damage the surface that the graffiti has altered visually but with our detailed professional understanding of stain removal we are able to undertake minor or major graffiti removal jobs.

Property roof restoration

Property roofs will ultimately suffer from weathering after a few years including lichen, moss and other fungicides. The cost to replace a tiled roof on your property will be very costly, however we can offer you a cheaper alternative with our cleaning and restoration systems.

All of our previous roof restoration clients have been astonished with the final results that you can get from our roof cleaning service and on top of that we can provide you with re-colouring to your roof to help give it a new and fresh look.

The results speak for themselves.

Patio/Driveway Cleaning and Sealing

Over time your driveway whether it be block paved or tarmac will be the victim to a multitude of soils including oil, rubber, weeds and algae to name a few. We can offer you a quality clean along with other products to keep your driveways/patios looking revived and protected.

For example Indian sandstone is a popular choice for some garden patios which are very porous leading to a build-up of moss and dis-colorization (a process of losing colour) of the stone itself as quick as a year after it has been laid. This can make your patio look dull and unsightly, however we can offer you a cleaning system that will not only revive it but enhance and protect the stone.

Block paving driveways are renowned for weeds and oil stains. This can be problematic to the look of your driveway. Hydro Dynamix (Kent) has it covered with a wide range of services that can remove and protect your driveway from future growths from weeds by offering sealing products that will keep your driveways looking enhanced and protected.

Tarmac cleaning/Recolouring

Hydro Dynamix (Kent) excel in tarmac cleaning and restoration. Weather you’d like a clean or a different coloured driveway. From black to mauve or even green! We have the experience and capability to restore your tarmac driveways to a new and fresh plus protected look by offering a range of sealing products to keep your tarmac looking superb at all times.